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Matt Lehnert
     -Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
     -Ainsworth, NE
Travis Chambers 
     -Norfolk, NE
Jake Brandt
     -Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
     -Tobias, NE
Blake Loewenstein
     -Bass/Backing Vocals
     -Coffeyville, KS



As a very big fan of the Red Dirt and Texas Country movement of the past 15+ years, LA founder, Matt Lehnert was especially taken with the honesty and conviction in which those artists wrote. This pushed Matt to pick up a guitar in late 2008 and attempt to contribute in a way that stayed true to those ideals while still paying tribute to those artists who inspire his music. In mid 2011, Matt began to seek out the additional pieces and Loose Affiliation was formed.

The overall goal of a Loose Affiliation show is to help YOU have a "Party at the Moon Tower" kinda night!  Red Dirt, Southern Rock, Classic Country, Classic Rock inspired originals and covers...  if it kicks just a little bit of ass, then we're happy to play it. 

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